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Terms and Conditions

The First Party has the right to cancel or reschedule the operation/tours due to any conditions that may affect the safety of the guest with no obligation shall arise on. In such cases guests has the right for full refund or customer acceptance shall be obtained for proposed rescheduled tour against cancelled services, while the food cost (if any) will be charged to the guest.

  • No date, time or route shall be changed.
  • In the event of an unobstructed obstacle, the departure of the trip shall be prohibited in time.
  • If the guest arrives late for a confirmed booking, the duration of the trip will not be extended unless the client is willing to pay the extension fees & subject to availability.
  • In the case of the inability of First Party to provide the Dhow threshold for any technical or administrative issue, it is entitled to change with same level Dhow.
  • First Party has the right to disembark the guest who violates the policy or may affect the safety of himself or the others.
  • Any damages caused by the guest (negligent or willful) will be reported to the concern person and estimated cost will be invoice same time to the second party.
  • No one is allowed to stay in the Bow area of the boat.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, never in close areas, please use ashtrays, extinguish all smoking material thoroughly and never leave smoking materials unattended.
  • The guests are kindly requested not to touch any of National Cruise equipment during the trip and just contact customer relation representative if needed.
  • Throwing waste in the sea/island during a trip is totally prohibited.
  • For swimming, bring your own towels, personal care and hygienic products.
  • Swimming without life jacket will be under responsibility of the client and First Party, will never eligible for any liability in case of an incident due to violating its instruction.
  • In the event of any emergency circumstances during the trip, the commander (Captain) is the only one who is authorized to decide whether to continue or not.
  • First Party will not be liable for any lost item due to negligence of the guest personal belongings.

Payment Policy

  • Full payment must be completed upon booking.
  • For any credit card payment 2% charge will be added from the total amount
  • All prices are in Qatari Riyals (QAR).

Refund Policy

  • No refund can be made for failure to join the tour.
  • No refunds will be given in the circumstance or in the event of any delay, curtailment or alteration of a trip resulting from any cause including severe weather conditions or mechanical failure. Components of trips are weather dependent and the Company cannot be held liable if trip components are not on the day of the cruise.
  • If a tour is not able to commence due to inclement weather, a full refund or alternate date will be offered.
  • Refunds will only be done through the original mode of payment.

Rescheduled & Cancellation Policies

  • For any rescheduled trip should be at least 72 hours before the departure at extra charge 20% of total amount.
  • A strict cancellation fee will be applicable to compensate for costs and lost revenue. Once a booking is made the following cancellation fees will apply:
  • 48 hours prior departure: 50% cancellation fee
  • Within 24 hours: Cancelation NON-Refundable.