Our Message to the world depends on our belief in running smooth, safe and flexible business, to
exceed our customers’ expectations and to reflect the Qatari rich culture. We design and present our
products to satisfy our customer needs based on our knowledge and research in the market.
Qataris come from pearl diving families that loved and lived by the sea. Inside our team we are giving
each individual the chance to improve himself, his profession and to build his own success and
experience with motivation. Along with planned active courses, activities and training.
We are providing our team the chance to convey the best improvement to our company, based
on our deep belief with regards to our effect on community.
We will work professionally to reflect the cultural values on our work, side by side with the latest
technology and the best services level to customers. We work hard and smart is to build
products that satisfy specific events, occasions and standard requirements.


Trust, Respect, Excellence, Integrity.


From the land of pearls, Qatar, Welcome to National cruise, over centuries the wooden dhow has been a genuine part of our identity whether for past pearl diving, fishing or modern tourism which articulates our culture.
That’s why The Founder of National Cruise Company inspired and praised for providing spacious, stylish interiors and exteriors elevated to an art form; combining the traditional basic concept of wooden dhow with modern
technology ,that’s provides Safe ,environmentally-friendly and unrivaled enjoyable cruise experience.
National cruise offer a diversity of cruise themes and voyage lengths to meet our guests patterns and
We believe that all what we need is to communicate and spread the word of a new business opportunity to the world, with faith on our hard work, all strengths we have and everyone will be interested to be part of our
We are looking forward to build corporate and partnership to all those working, interested and looking for touristic and maritime business around the world to extend our success into international level.Basic Company


Positioning National cruise to be Qatar leading tourism figure for guests seeking
a truly casually elegant cruise experience


National Cruise will provide Safe Pleasant touristic experience to our customers, to insure the positive importation, and to exceed their expectations, by leaving the effect that last, and to be the base for rating all their touristic experiences. Making sure of effecting their memories positively, during their vacations.

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